Health Screening

Welcome to Privatizz for business, the new personal profile management software that manages contactless health screenings at multiple points of arrival, while producing real-time consolidated reports.

There are many different ways you can improve your health screening using Privatizz for business.

  • Managing a school's health screening protocols: One could have the pupils in class, reports submitted, symptomatic cases handled, and parents informed all before the bell rings.
  • One could create an interactive platform for your staff, students, patrons and visitors to view their health screening history or amend their personal profiles.
  • One could even perform health screenings on visitors without gathering any personal information, but still be able to trace them should the need ever arise.
  • Personal profile management solutions such as Privatizz will keep the private information of your staff and students up to date and secure. Data about your patrons and visitors is anonymous, even to you, relieving you from all legal responsibility in this respect.

Privatizz business allows you to be more efficient,  interactive, secure and more compliant. It is also multi-functional.

  • Privatizz business is a multi-device solution to enable multiple points of health screening, all connecting to the same reporting system. It, therefore, does not matter how many points of arrival, departments, classes or construction sites you have. Privatizz can be configured for you.
  • The solution is cloud-based to keep all your connected devices communicating in real-time and updated. It also sports an offline function for those outside network coverage. The duality provides flexibility and effectiveness even in rural areas or where data costs may be prohibitively expensive. 
  • You can categorize a screening as a "sign in", "sign out" or "ad hoc" screenings. This enables Privatizz to generate attendance registers from this information.
  • Although Privatizz is not a "Time and Attendance" system, it does provide primitive attendance information, indicating the individual's presence or not. Timestamps are however recorded, but the duration of work hours, lunch breaks, etc. are not considered.
    Case Management work-flows: Should anyone demonstrate symptoms, the app will provide the operator with options of next steps. 

The Privatizz work-flow is designed to have a high throughput of health screenings. Symptomatic cases are identified and referred to specific areas or rooms where more diligent examinations may take place. This frees up the screening station for immediate resumption of screenings, while simultaneously creating an audit trail of the symptomatic cases. 

You’ll also enjoy automated dashboards and real-time reports. The dashboards and reports will give you a comprehensive view of your institutions' health index so that you can look at trends in attendance, active cases, and positive tests. 

Health screening app South Africa

Privatizz Business helps you perform high volume health screening, efficiently, securely and accurately by:

  • streamlining identification of staff, students, patrons and visitors
  • consolidating and coordinating information
  • providing valuable analytic insights
  • helping you generate concise and up to date reports
  • obtaining full compliance with relevant regulations

With Privatizz Business’s simple, cloud-based, efficient, and secure app, you’ll be reducing your workload instantly.