Visitors Book

Register in a way that is not only hygienic but also saves time and secures your information which is kept private and where you remain fully in control.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, hygiene and social distancing is of high priority. The physical act of filling out the visitor's registers exposes you and the security guards to possible infection. Visitors Book by Privatizz's contactless technology completely eliminates the need for any physical contact with the person, book, pen or biometric equipment. The notification sent to your host upon your arrival, parking arrangements and pre-authorisation are added benefits.

Have you ever wondered what the security guard does with all the names and contact details he collects at the entrance gate of your estate or building? Have you ever wondered if that information ever finds its way into the telemarketing industry or worse? Visitors Book solves this problem by acting as the mediator between the security guard and you.

The security guard needs the information only in the event of an incident. You don't want to share your information with a stranger unless there is an incident.

Visitors Book solves both these problems by storing the Facility's information in your Privatizz profile instead of the other way around. Therefore, the estate never has any personal information about visiting individuals to manage according to the POPI Act. Yet they have access to the data should the need to investigate an incident ever arise.

Privatising Privacy