Form Filling

The safe, secure and efficient way to fill in forms using a Privatizz app to do all the work for you

Form Filling by Privatizz does away with the task of repetitive form filling. The Form Filling app is not only designed to fill out your online forms securely, it is purpose-built to assist you with all those hard copy forms at the bank, your accountant and anywhere there is a need for personal details to be captured.

It doesn't matter whether it is a patient take-on sheet or an account application at a retail store, filling out paper forms by hand has always been a tedious part of our lives. Form Filling has now removed the need for you to fill out forms even if it is on paper. It is as simple as scanning the paper form and then completing the form at your leisure on your device using your Privatizz personal profile details.

Apart from the apparent benefits of not having to struggle with handwritten forms, Privatizz also has the perk that no data capturing is required by the clerk. This useful and efficient method also prevents entry errors on your form.

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